René Frelle Petersen, director
(Zentropa Productions)

I have had the pleasure of working with Hakim Harder on my short feature ”The Taste of Hair”. He played a homosexual costumer to one of the leading characters in the story. Hakim immediately showed a great understanding of the rather special sense of humour, used in the film which, was crucial for the success of the film and for me to attain my visions. Hakim was capable of following my instructions to my full satisfaction. With a comical talent and a positive approach to an otherwise demanding character, Hakim was able to create a believable character, that could all too easily have become too much of a caricature.

Due to our pleasant and inspiring collaboration I will, without a doubt, use Hakim in the future. With regards to roles, I would like to add that Hakim has a broad range of acting skills, is extremely gifted with improvisation and has proven that he can master the creation an unforgettable character, even in a smaller role.

Sohail A. Hassan, director

Hakim Harder is exceedingly pleasant to work with. Dedicated and prompt, getting to the core of the character he is portraying. With his humble approach to the task at hand and good listening capacity, it is a pleasure to see how he focuses and delivers a performance, exactly as one had imagined. Hakim is a talented and wonderfully cooperative actor, who always contributes more than you would have expected, an effort much appreciated.

Nicolas Russell Bennetzen, director

Not only is Hakim trained in Strasberg’s method but he is also capable of using it practically. He proved this during the casting for “Glimpse”, where his talent shone through so much, that it became obvious, even before he had left the room, which part he was to play in the film.
Hakim handled the one-month long shooting phase with a smile at all times. His easy going manner and relaxed style, combined with a professional approach to the project, made him very easy to work with.
In my opinion Hakim’s great strength as an actor is that he plays his parts internally, instead of externally. This creates very believable characters and it gives performances worth watching.

Morten Meiner, director
(Parable Productions)

It has been a pleasure working with Hakim Harder. First and foremost because he showed a very serious, top motivated and top professional attitude. I would like to mention some of the attributes Hakim possesses:

  • Hakim was precise, showed up well prepared and on time. He was mentally prepared and had really made an effort in trying to identify himself with his role. On numerous occasions before the shooting Hakim discussed the role with me, both on the phone and through e-mail which only testifies to his involvement.
  • He was quick to understand and was easy to “shape”. We weren’t doing a lot of retakes. In fact on numerous occasions it was in the can on the first or second take.
  • Hakim has a pleasant manner about him and a liberating sense of humour. It is so important to have a good atmosphere on set during shooting and he highly contributed to this.