Hakim Harder

Actor, Copenhagen
Photo by Susanne Fischer

Welcome to my little place on the web

I was born and grew up in Copenhagen, Denmark. My mother is Danish and my father was a Moroccan Berber. As they divorced when I was only two years old, my mother brought me up mostly as a single parent. She did re-marry, however, so my upbringing was not entirely without a father figure.

From my early childhood I have had a passion for performing; both singing and acting. As a nine-year old boy I joined the Copenhagen Boys Choir (The Copenhagen Royal Chapel Choir), where I was classically trained and where I performed for 12 years. After my time in the choir I continued performing as a singer in various band constellations, which somehow eventually led me to acting.

Today, I am a trained actor with a passion for breathing life into written characters; be they dramatic or comic. Most of my work has been with the underground film scene in Copenhagen. I have been lucky to receive my training from the following prominent acting coaches:

  • Ivana Chubbuck (US)
  • Robert Castle (US)
  • Sam Rumbelow (UK)
  • Lotte Arnsbjerg (DK)

    To keep myself reasonably fit, both mentally and physically, I train Wing Chun Kung Fu under the instruction of Grandmaster Samuel Kwok (UK)

  • Resume
    Photo by Susanne Fischer

    Performer Profile

    Height: 5’8″ (173 cm)
    Weight: 183 lbs (83 kg)
    Age Range: 40 – 50
    Physique: Average
    Voice Type: Tenor

    Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

    Film (selected titles)

    The Taste of Hair | Zentropa Prod.
    w/Rasmus Botoft and Trine Appel

    Bend the Fish | Independent

    Successful Integration | EYeCATCHER
    Lead (Type: Actor)

    Pressure | Potemkin
    Support (Type: Banker)

    Envy Will Kill You | Pure Fiction
    Lead (Type: Hitman)

    Intruders | Pure Fiction
    Lead (Type: Detective)

    Glimpse | FuldFartFilm
    Support (Type: Detective)

    Bad Wine | Parable Pictures
    Support (Type: Saviour)

    The Hustlers | FuldFartFilm
    Support (Type: Hustler)


    Atlantis (Musical)
    Jason (Type: Medieval Sergeant)
    Dir. Annelouise Gomard

    The Gypsy Princess (Operetta)
    Dir. Jan Hertz

    Music Videos

    Emancipation by Vivid Suspense
    w/Dejan Cukic and Baard Owe

    Callin’ You by Outlandish


    Bend the Fish | Independent

    Inmate 48 | Pure Fiction
    Script Consultant
    (Won 3 Awards)

    Sleepless | Pure Fiction
    Script Consultant


    The Chubbuck Technique | Ivana Chubbuck (US)
    Master Class

    Marketing, Audition, and Screen Acting | Nancy Bishop Casting, C.S.A. (US + EU)
    Master Class

    Stage Fighting | Klaus Hjuler (DK)
    Swords and unarmed

    Firearms on Theatre and Film | Klaus Hjuler (DK)
    Pistols and Revolvers

    Screenwriting | Jens Arentzen (DK)
    Master Class

    Method Acting | Robert Castle (US)
    Master Class

    Method Acting | Sam Rumbelow (UK)
    Class and Workshops

    Method Acting and Improv | Lotte Arnsbjerg (DK)
    Class and Workshops

    Complete Vocal Technique | Anders Orsager (DK)
    Private at the Rhythmic Music Conservatory

    Acting | Judith Rothenborg (DK)
    Private and group

    Opera | John Guttmann Sorensen (DK)
    Group coaching

    Special Skills

    Spoken Languages and Accents:
    Danish (Native) and English (British/London); can do some American with a little effort.

    Driver’s License | Firearms | Improv | Singing (Tenor)
    Wing Chun Kung Fu (Instructor Level) | Swords
    René Frelle Peteresen

    "Hakim has a broad range of acting skills, is extremely gifted with improvisation and has proven that he can master the creation of an unforgettable character."

    René Frelle Peteresen, director

    Zentropa Productions

    Photo by Nicolai Egense Eilertsen Meilby

    "It is a pleasure to see how he focuses and delivers a performance, exactly as one had imagined. Hakim is a talented and wonderfully cooperative actor, who always contributes more than you would have expected, an effort much appreciated."

    Sohail A. Hassan, director


    Nicolas Russell Bennetzen

    "In my opinion Hakim’s great strength as an actor is that he plays his parts internally, instead of externally. This creates very believable characters and it gives performances worth watching."

    Nicolas Russell Bennetzen, director


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